Summer Manifesto 2013

Like last year, I am attempting a Summer Manifesto.  (Ali Edwards has updated her product and offers a free 2013 title page.)  Last year’s album was a hit with The Boy Child; so much so that he took it into school one week for Show and Tell.

This year our summer will be different.
We are having a two-week holiday to Orlando, Florida. To the land of all things Disney. And the possibility of meeting Mrs Magpie.
We had thought we might be moving house, but things have changed.  More on that in a later post.
We have to say goodbye to our American friends, as they are returning to the US.  Hello to long weekends in New York City.  (Robyn, are you listening?)
We have to say goodbye to friends who are moving to Morocco for four years with the husband’s job.
The Boy Child is spending a week with Granny.  By himself.  Just him and Granny. What will I do with myself?
There will be the usual days out.
There will be summer holiday homework and preparing for Year Two.

It’s going to be great.

7 thoughts on “Summer Manifesto 2013

  1. So, plenty going on over there?

    A week of being an adult sans child … I am truly not sure what I would do, or where to start!


  2. Sounds like you have a lovely 6 weeks planned. You are going to love taking TBC to Florida, he will love it!
    And if you go over to NYC be sure to bring Robyn back with you for a visit 😉


  3. I'm sure you'll find some way to occupy yourself while TBC has fun. Hope the house news is not all bad. Look forward to sharing your summer vicariously through the power of www


  4. Sounds like a great summer. Hoping the house news is a good thing. We loved taking our kids to Disney too.

    Do take a dr's letter and apply for assistance – being able to jump the queues was wonderful 😉


  5. That looks like a lot of different things: exciting, emotional, a whole summer -full of them. There will be some memorable pages to come, I'm sure..


  6. Ruth, nothing would please me more than meeting you in person. Please let me know what your schedule is. For some reason, I've tried to email you, but I'm not sure I'm getting through.

    My mother in law is very ill and going into Hospice. We just found out a few days ago how serious the situation has become. More on that in a private email.

    I hope and pray that it works out for me to see you. That would just make my summer!




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