Family Time(r)

Of late, I seem to be the one behind the camera at family get togethers. Today, however, I wanted to be in the photos.  Cue use of the camera’s self-timer.
Mum, The Boy Child and I went out to the country to see my cousin and her son. My cousin is recovering from carpal tunnel and both she and her son are fed up. (husband and daughter are both away this week.) My other cousin’s son was at a loose end, so we scooped him up for the day as well.
The six of us together meant that we made three generations.
We had 3 mums, 1 daughter, 1 granny, 1 auntie, 1 niece, 1 great auntie, 2 sons, 4 first cousins, 3 first cousins once removed, 3 second cousins and I think that’s about it. That’s a lot of family in just six people, isn’t it?

I’ve added this last photo to this post for one reason.

Because I love it.
They are second cousins. 
They adore each other. They look alike.
I love families.

8 thoughts on “Family Time(r)

  1. I always feel ridiculously proud of myself when I manage to get into a photo … even if I don't always actually like it, your shots have turned out really well and it's great seeing everyone together!


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