Right Now …

Right now …
I’m wondering if the pooch will have to have medication for his newly diagnosed arthritis for the rest of his life.
I’m thinking that I really should get the Florida theme park tickets booked.
I’m almost done with Dan Brown’s Inferno … I’ve been reading far too late in to the night.

I must remember that The Boy Child has home clothes day at school on Friday.
I’m aiming for three swim sessions at the gym this week.  Two down.
I’m wondering how plans can change so suddenly.
I’m considering moving The Boy Child from a single bed to a double bed in the hope that he may sleep better.
I’m having to buy new school uniform.  I’d been hoping to make do until September.
I’m listening to Rod Stewart’s new album, Time.  It’s very good.
I’m watching The Fall and Scott and Bailey on the television.  Two very different dramas, but both eminently watchable.
I’m wondering why I’m getting on and off pain in the balls of my feet.
I’m hoping for better weather.  It doesn’t look promising.

What are you thinking about, feeling, hoping for, struggling with, watching, listening to, celebrating right now? 


11 thoughts on “Right Now …

  1. Well done on the swimming sessions, Ruth! A lovely postithglimpses into life at yours …hoping the Boy Child gets better sleep too.


  2. Adorable photo of your sweet boy, Ruth!!!

    Right now I'm making a list of things to remember to pack for my trip to California with Carrie this weekend. We're going to see family – mostly my grandma. She's excited to see our photos from our trip to England, and we can't wait to show her!

    Hang in there, friend! {{{hugs}}}


  3. He really is a gorgeous young man! Fingers crossed you can find a way to keep him asleep for longer, although the early birdsong is proving to be an early alarm clock for me at the moment. Isn't it amazing how they have growth spurts at a time when you are hoping that their shoes/blazer/trousers will last until the end of term!
    Right here we are celebrating that our daughter's house has finally sold and she can draw a line under a very unhappy year. Better to be back living at home than in an unhappy/unfaithful relationship. This was one prince that turned back into a frog!


  4. Work is consuming my thoughts at the moment – I am finding that, as much as I try and as much effort I put into each day, there are situations I cannot change. The balance of meeting childrens', teachers' and parents' needs is fine!


  5. TBC always looks lovely in photos. Such amazing eyes. I have been itching to read inferno. Is it good? His book are always page turners though so I may be best to leave it till after exams!


  6. Inferno is a good read, isn't it. I enjoy Robert Langdon. BTW DON'T make the mistake I did of buying 'Karma' by Dan Brown on Kindle. It is a different Dan Brown and very VERY bad


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