Hello Monday

Hello to taking the pooch to visit a dog sitter.  We are looking at options for him during our summer holiday to Florida.

~ Oxford Circus Tube Station ~

Hello to The Great Gatsby and lunch with my American friend.  We are both celebrating our birthdays before the end of the month and this is our present to ourselves.
Hello to looking for a new double oven.  Our current one is around 15 years and the thermostat and fan are on the way out.  Things are beginning to be either under-cooked or burnt!
Hello to a 10-minute pampering session ~ eyebrow waxing appointment on Friday.
Hello to half-term beginning at 3.45 pm on Friday.
Hello to going out to the country to spend the day with my oldest friend and her family. She also has a birthday coming up.
Hello to a Bank Holiday weekend and travelling to my mum’s straight after The Boy Child’s swimming lesson on Sunday.

How does your week look?

7 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Lots of nice things ahead in your week! Looking forward to hearing about the Great Gatsby – I remember the last cinematic one … Hoping you have a lovely time.


  2. It looks like you are having a busy weekagain,Ican't think that anything could be as goodas Robert Redfordin the Great Gatsby -but you never know!Enjoy your birthday treatx


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