How do you read a novel?
I read an actual book.
However, all the bookcases in our house are full to the brim.  We do not have room for one more single book.
Earlier this week, I wanted to purchase Dan Brown’s Inferno. 
What to do?

I purchased it via iTunes as an iBook.
And I’m pretty impressed at the technology that has enabled me to catch up with Professor Robert Langdon’s latest adventure.
I can’t imagine that reading via an eReader will ever surpass reading an actual book, for me at any rate, but I have peeked in to the dark side and survived.

How do you read these days?

14 thoughts on “eReaders

  1. No, I'm not ready to move over to the dark side just yet. I did try out my MIL's kindle, and I wanted to like it, but it wasn't for me. Never say never though..I like the back light!


  2. I still love a paper novel. I read before I head to bed and reading off a screen keeps me awake! I like how easy it is to download a book though!


  3. It's not dark in eReaderland. I don't feel that I am constrained to just one medium for reading so I continue to use the library and to visit the free bookshop AND to visit the Official Bookcrossing Zone here in the city centre. I take a pile of registered books to the OBCZ and then feel justified in gathering up any that take my fancy. I have been a bookcrosser since 2004 and find releasing books very liberating


  4. I love books but I also read them on my iPad these days, though it is mostly non- fiction. I love being able to have so many things wrapped up in a slim package! IsT is not really so dark over here, is it?!


  5. I love my kindle and would happily use it for all of my novel reading. I do still read paper books but now find them awkward to hold and get annoyed when the bookmark gets lost.


  6. I have been reading most of my magazines via my phone recently and have just started reading books as well (the DR Who ebooks so I had no choice lol). I never thought I would take to it (after all, I resisted iTunes for years until I got a smart phone a couple of years ago!)but it's not too bad and it does mean I have more room in my handbag!!!!
    I will never stop reading proper books or magazines though. I love turning the page and feel of the book in the hand. Ereading gives me easier access to the types of magazines/novels that I like so I will dabble in the dark side when required 🙂


  7. I never thought I would get used to reading on my iPad but I have to admit that most of my books are now downloaded. I find it so easy having everything in one place (ie. books, mail, browser, blogs etc.) The only thing I don't like is that you can't pass the book on to someone else. x


  8. I too still like the feel off a book in my hand, but use my Kindle or IPad for listening to books (and sometimes for reading when I'm travelling
    Alison xx


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