A Quirky Buy

I saw this in the window of our local Oxfam bookshop and I knew that I had to add it to my small collection of London guide books.  For the very reasonable price of £3.99, London on a £1 a Day was mine.
It was published in 1965, back in the days of pre-decimal currency.  Pounds, shillings and pence.
And I have to say it’s a hoot!
I’ve concluded that Betty James was an out an out snob and some of her opinions seem quite shocking in today’s climate of political correctness.
But no matter, I bought it for the novelty value alone.
How about you?  Do you venture in to your local second-hand bookshop?  What sort of titles might catch your eye?  

4 thoughts on “A Quirky Buy

  1. Oh that is so fun, Ruth. I picked up a book on etiquette at my local thrift store a couple of years ago intending to use it for scrapping. I did tear a few pages out, but once I read some of the content I saved it because it was so funny to read what was proper and considered “a woman's responsibility” back in the day.


  2. This one would probably have caught my eye too. I once bought an old Blue Peter paperback about visiting Amsterdam, just because I remembered Val going to see Anne Franks house


  3. I love getting quirky books. My mum loves a good second hand book shop. She once took a load of our old books to the shop and then the next week bought one of them again forgetting she had read it!


  4. I am only allowed in the free book shop where I can have three book a day free.
    I am not allowed in any bookshop that requires money unless I have a responsible adult with me. Mr M says he is just as bad as me so cannot be responsible. That's why we only go to Hay on Wye when we have birthday money


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