Hello Monday

Hello to a BIG week.
Hello to making an offer on a house.
Hello to accepting an offer on our house.
And breathe.

~ totally random photo ~

Hello to taking my watch in for repair/service.  It may prove costly.
Hello to class photos being taken at school.
Hello to the pooch going back to the vet.
Hello to The Boy Child attending his first Build-a-Bear party.

How is your week looking?

11 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Sounds like you are in for a very exciting week! Good luck 🙂

    We have a birthday, extra volunteer duties in the classroom and an iron I am hoping TE and fix – well, the cord … it spat sparks at me on the weekend!


  2. Oh! House news always makes for a BIG week, good luck! I am saying hello to a busy week and hopefully checking a lot of hings off the to do list and enjoying having the Pirate home for the summer 🙂


  3. Hope it all works out Ruth! I am spending every spare moment getting organised for the local May Fayre, which takes place on Sunday!
    Alison xx


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