Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, do you have to rush off?  A few of us are going for coffee, would you like to join us? We walk towards our favoured branch of a UK coffee chain.
Once orders are taken, we find a table big enough to accommodate us, given that your joining us makes five.

The conversation as usual begins with chat and tittle-tattle about our children and school.  We’d be interested in hearing your experiences about being the parent of a school boy/girl, of what it’s like at the school gates and even about how you chose the school your child/ren attends.
We might share stories of the things are children say.  Such as The Boy Child, who just this very morning queried my choice of t-shirt and suggested I change it.  I didn’t.
Talk moves on to the weather and our American friend makes us laugh by referring to her grandsons as looking “British white”.  We’re hopeful of good weather for the Bank Holiday weekend and ask if you have plans.  Are you staying at home or will you have a few days away?  Our weekend will be a mixture of the two.  We chat about where to take the children for a reasonably-priced day-out in London.  Kew Gardens and Kensington Palace Gardens are looking like the favourites.
One of the other mums will probably ask how you know me.  You and I will look at each other and grin.  Trying to describe a friendship formed through blogging and scrapbooking is difficult.  You worry that the other person will think you odd, that they won’t get the idea of scrapbooking.  But in reality, it turns out the other mums will smile and nod and think it’s pretty cool to find a friend that way.
Someone will glance at their watch and we’ll realise that ninety minutes have passed in a flash.  We’ll collect our belongings and clear up the cups and saucers.  Some of us will pop off to the supermarket, others to the gym and one will go straight home to start their work-from-home job.  Me, I’ll go home to walk the dog.
There’ll be a flurry of hugs and of see-you-laters.  All of us will entreat you to join us again next time you’re in town.
This post has been brought to you in association with Abi‘s invitation to share a cup of tea.

12 thoughts on “Sharing a Cuppa

  1. Oh how nice that would be! I would love to listen to your stories of the school gate, having been on the other end working in the classroom last year. I'm going to see the boy over bank holiday and can't wait! Thank you for joining in.


  2. Thanks for the invite, I can't stop long, but could just do with a sit down and a cuppa, tea for me, please, milk, no sugar. No school gate stories for me, sadly, all my kids are adult now, and those days seem so long ago.
    It's my birthday on Sunday, so this weekend will be a celebration. We'll pick the nicest day weatherwise and go for a nice long walk, you'll be able to read my blog about it next week sometime, that's if I'm around, my fourth grandchild is due next week, so as soon as he/she arrives I'll be away for a few days.
    Well, I've really enjoyed our chat, but now I must dash, thanks for the tea, see you again soon,
    Joy x x x


  3. Oh, mine is a cappuccino, if we're in a coffee house – I'd love to sit down with you all and appreciate the chatter about little ones. My own are long since flown the nest but the grandchildren are fast approaching school and comparing their experience with an English one would be very interesting … I'd listen and nod and ask you how your plans are going, and if you had any photos with you :).


  4. I'd love to share a cup of tea with you in London, and if you were here in the States, it would be Starbucks. I would probably opt for hot chocolate because I can't resist.

    Hope you and the pupster have a good walk!




  5. I would smile as you explained how we 'met' as my workmates were totally bemused by it when discussion turned to the recent meetings with blog friends!
    I would also tell you to cherish those primary school days. They fly by in a flash.


  6. I would have had a skinny Latte, and enjoyed listening to Tales of the School Gate..and laughed with you about TBC suggesting you change your outfit!
    Alison xx


  7. I'll have a decaf latte please. I thought my school gate days were long over until Miss Em came to live near us and now I take or pick up on most days – I stand very quietly and listen and realise that apart from the names of the children and the TV programmes nothing has changed in 40 years.


  8. Wouldn't that be fun! I'd so enjoy having a coffee with you and your friends and I'm sure we'd have plenty to chat about but the time would go way too quickly. x


  9. I'd feel so grateful that you included me, I am shy and often find school gate conversations awkward and stressful. We'd have some different school stories to tell, but you know, so much would be the same … the worries and the concerns are.
    I think I'd see if I could tag along for the dog walk so we could continue to catch up.


  10. I would love to sit with you all and share a cup of coffee. I would listen to the stories told about the school gate and the weather is always a popular topic for us Canadians. Although it's not a “bank holiday” for us I would tell you about my plans for the Victoria Day long weekend coming up in a couple weeks 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend.


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