Simply a Moment

I’m sitting at the kitchen table, surrounded by school-related paperwork and assorted piles of laundry.  The paperwork relates both to The Boy Child’s current school and the school we hope he will go to in September.  There are signatures required, a letter to be drafted and a cheque to be written.  My iPad Mini is there as well, fired up and showing a selection of properties on the Rightmove website.
I can hear the low rumbling of the TV in the living room, where The Brainy One is watching the local news.  The Boy Child is pottering about, humming Amazing Grace and periodically asking Daddy to read to him.
I can also hear the quiet sloshing of the dishwasher, which is packed to the gunnels with pots, pans and plates from supper-time.
On the kitchen floor, in front of the bin, is a black bag half full of non-recyclable rubbish and paper recycling.

Both are waiting to be put outside in readiness for collection tomorrow morning.
It’s time to get on.  After a busy Easter holidays, I am ready for school to restart tomorrow and for our lives to get back into some sort of organised routine.

Monday, 15 April, 2013: 18.50 hours. 

Alexa, of Trimming the Sails, invites people to share a moment with her around this date of each month. Nothing fancy, just a few well chosen words, or a photo, or a scrapbook page.
What’s your moment?


9 thoughts on “Simply a Moment

  1. Lovely to be able to pop into your home, Ruth, and experience a little fragment of your day, so clearly described. I do hope that you find a home soon, and it's cheering that the schools bit is already in motion. That's a very cool bit of Lego building, by the way … Thank-you so much for linking up and joining in this month :).


  2. I love the bin lorry! being able to hear everyone in the family simply going about their business all together like that is a good thing, isn't it


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