Scrapbook Saturday

It’s been three weeks since I posted about about a scrapbook page (or two).  That’s because I haven’t done any scrapbooking.  This week, however, I set myself a target of two layouts.
I saw a post on Shimelle’s blog about using triangles on a page and there was a sketch to try.  I made a page about my FiL for the last entry in our 2012 album.

That photo is actually a few years old, but it is my favourite one of him that I took.  I added the name he was known by, not the name he was Christened with.
And a page about last Sunday’s perfect day.  I went back to Shimelle’s idea from her 4×6 Photo Love prompts and made a concertina to hold six photos, three on each side. (The paper clip was just there to hold it shut while I took the photo.)  The title is taken from Carrie‘s Instagram hashtag.  Or at least I think that’s what it is, because I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.  But I have seen it on her FB page, if that counts.

What have you been working on?

13 thoughts on “Scrapbook Saturday

  1. I really like the use of triangles and how clever to use the hashtag as the title! I am working on some more weaving projects at the moment.


  2. That's a wonderful page of your FIL….the triangles work really well….I must give that a go.
    I must also dig out my 'Brit' papers to make a page about last Sunday….I like how you've included lots of extra photos.


  3. I love both of these layouts Ruth. The photo of your FIL is so natural looking, just the type I love. And what a great layout for last weekends lunch 🙂 Glad you and TBC got to see Deb and Carrie again today before they left.
    Have a Happy Easter with your family xx


  4. I love your concertina book of that wonderful get-together :). And that's a very pretty page about your FIL.All those triangles work beautifully together …


  5. Oh, Ruth, I loved seeing your scrapbook page of our visit in a little larger format on your blog this afternoon (as opposed to the back of your camera). A great way to add more photos to a page.

    And the one of your FIL is awesome – great photo of him! xo


  6. Cool mini washi taped photo collection and love the title, don't understand it myself but think it looks good. Wonderful photo and how apt of FIL.

    Congratulations on getting to your scrapping target too.


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