Hello Monday

Hello to a quieter week after last week’s excitement.
Hello to the possibility of more viewings.
Hello to discussing outside work with our decorator.  It needs doing, whether we sell or not.
Hello to The Boy Child going back to school.
Hello to The Boy Child’s final Street Dance class
Hello to the end of term on Wednesday lunch-time.
Hello to giving blood at 1.15 pm on Wednesday.  My timing was off when I booked the appointment.  Bribery may well be in order.
Hello Easter weekend.

Hello to waving Deb and Carrie off at the airport on Saturday.
Hello to the arrival of family coming to stay late Saturday afternoon.
Hello to the Boat Race.  In this house, we cheer on the Dark Blues.

How’s your week looking?

14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Looks like so much fun!That looks like such a great meeting with Deb and Carrie! I am looking forward to the boat race too however here we support the light blues! he he!


  2. I'm working backwards here, so I'm sure I'll get to a post about the meeting in a minute 🙂

    If he's going back to school I'm guessing he's feeling a lot, lot better, then? Hurray!


  3. Your week still looks fairly busy – at least after the farewell on Saturday you have hello's to look forward to. Hope you have a lovely Easter xx


  4. Lots of nice things as well as the routine ones, then :). Hoping the bribery worked! And it might be nice to have a little time to enjoy the newly painted exterior before you have to leave it?


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