Simply a Moment

I’m laden down with my camera bag, an umbrella and a take-away cup of tea from Costa.  I push at the swing doors and nothing happens.  I turn and give them a shove with my bum and they grant access.  I’m in the Town Hall, in the room where I donate a pint of blood every quarter; today, however, it’s been turned in to a small theatre for tonight’s performance of Fantastic Mr Fox.
I see Miss J in the thick of it, looking her usual serene and calm self.  I see and hear twenty-plus children chatting and playing on their phones.  None of them appear to paying attention to Miss J.  She happens to look in my direction and smiles.
“If you’re here …, does that mean …?”
I nod.  “Yes, I’m here with my camera and the big lens.”
She hugs me.
I find a quiet corner for my bag and coat and then sip my too-hot tea.  I take my camera out, put the strap around my neck and fit the big lens.  From my corner, I spy out the lie of the land, work out which children have which part and decide where I’ll stand or sit.
I look at my watch; it 2.15 pm.  I have a clear run of one hour and fifteen minutes.
I begin.

Alexa, of Trimming the Sails, invites people to share a moment with her around this date of each month. Nothing fancy, just a few well chosen words, or a photo, or a scrapbook page.
What’s your moment?

18 thoughts on “Simply a Moment

  1. What a splendid photo you've taken for your moment! I could understand so perfectly about the door and the clarity of your description made me smile. Your photographic skills are clearly much in demand and very gratefully welcomed. Delighted to read another moment from your life and thank-you so much for linking up :).


  2. I could just picture you arriving at the venue laden down. And the relief of getting in and being able to drop your things and then get started. The photo is great and I'm sure all the rest are too! x


  3. I don't even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your moment- juggling stuff as we all do often brings in our ingenuity. The photo is priceless and I expect just one of many gems. Thanks for sharing your moment, and
    Cheers~ to you, too!


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