Hello Monday

Hello to The Brainy One lecturing at one of the world’s best universities for two days.  So proud of him.

~ image found here ~

Hello to a resurgence of wintry weather.  What happened to Spring?
Hello to a haircut.
Hello to Street Dance class.  Having observed The Boy Child in class recently, I shall be saving my money and not renewing for next term.  I have plans for more outdoor activities.

~ nothing to do with this week, but a post needs a photo ~

Hello to an eyebrow wax.  My local salon closed at Christmas and I now travel two stops on the Tube to see the same girl(s).
Hello to seeing the school production of Fantastic Mr Fox.  We watched the film version over the weekend and were most disappointed by it.  If you listen carefully, you’ll be able to hear Roald Dahl turning over in his grave.
Hello to behaving like tourists.  As we are actively planning on leaving London this summer, I am devising weekend adventures for me and The Boy Child involving a London landmark or something typically London.  Last weekend was all about buses and Tube trains; this week will be St Paul’s Cathedral (even though it irks me to be charged entry to a church).
Hello to drawing up plans for a scrapbook called This is My London for The Boy Child. London is his city.  He is a Londoner.  It will be great to look back in the years ahead and see all that we did while we lived in our nation’s capital city.  

I think that’s enough to keep me going.
How’s your week looking?

7 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Hello Ruth – so excited to be able to say Hello irl soon. Lovely post and I am sure TBC will appreciate the time you spend with him introducing him to the delights of his home City.


  2. Love the idea of a London Scrapbook. I too don't agree with being charged to enter a church, don't mind leaving a donation! Look forward to hearing what you think of the Fantastic Mr Fox production!


  3. Hey , I recognise that building! That's not far from me!
    Great idea about making a book for your son about his time growing up in London, once you move away and he gets older he'll forget some of the places he went to. Make the most of it while it is just a hop, skip or tube journey away!


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