Hello Monday

Hello to the first anniversary of my FiL’s death.  As it happens, The Brainy One and my SiL are meeting up with lots of relatives this week for lunch.

Hello to resumption of routine after half-term.
Hello to continual perusal of property websites.
Hello to the car’s MOT.  Fingers crossed all is well.
Hello to picking up scrapbooking again: Telling Tales, Project Life and my summer project.
Hello to picking up my camera more.  Daily life has gone unrecorded of late.
Hello to stopping by your blogs.  Blog reading has been very thin on the ground recently and I hope to rectify that this week.
Hello March.  March?

How’s your week looking?

9 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. The week is looking very full, both yours and mine :). That's a lovely photo of your father-in-law – thinking of you all today … Hoping the house hunting throws up something just right soon.


  2. Hello to you and the week ahead. It sounds like you have lots in the pipeline to look forward to. A wonderful photograph of your father-in-law and a lovely way to remember him.


  3. Probably a week you'll be glad to see the end of? Thinking about you!

    I'm hoping for a quieter week than the last couple, and the return of my newly repaired coffee machine


  4. That anniversary seems to have come round quickly. Lunch to chat is a good idea.
    I'm glad to have my car back in working order today after it not starting and making funny noises yesterday – turns out it needed a new battery. I have some catching up to do – shopping, course work, editing, blog reading, etc.


  5. I find that half term weeks go twice as fast as weeks spent at school! Can't believe a year has past, and am pleased that the family are spending time together in rememberance this week. Good luck with the MOT.


  6. Oh, gosh, has it already been a year? Makes me sad to think about this, Ruth, because I remember at the time your FIL passed I was thinking that my mom would be next and I just couldn't even bare it. Sending great big hugs your way!!! xo


  7. Glad that the Brainy One and SiL can be together with family, first anniversaries are always the hardest. March has definitely snuck up here, being ill for half of both Jan & Feb has taken a toll on my productivity!


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