From Me to You

Only Tuesday.
I feel exhausted.
Monday, first thing, we instructed an estate agent to sell our house.
Monday, late morning, they were at our house taking photos.
Monday, supper time, a phone call from the agent asking if we’re willing to have a preview viewing.  A sneak peek, if you will, for a prospective buyer before we have a board outside, a schedule printed and a page on the estate agent’s website.
Tuesday, mid-morning, a flying visit from a staffer to view our house in order to be able to talk about it competently to prospective buyers.
Tuesday, early afternoon, mad tidy up of craft space.

I hardly ever stamp on a layout, so how come I have all these stamps?  There’s also a few embellishments in that basket, the sort of thing I would never use.
If you fancy a small parcel of randomly selected supplies heading your way, just because, shoot off an email to roo1968ATyahooDOTcoDOTuk.
Consider it Happy Mail, 2013 style.

11 thoughts on “From Me to You

  1. Good luck with the sale Ruth. My daughter is trying to sell her house at the moment so I know what a stressful time it is! And you know that a potential buyer will always want to come and visit at an inconvenient time!


  2. What a lot of fast moving of things in such a short space of time. Hoping that a buyer materialises just as fast! Yes, we sometimes look at what we have, scrapwise, and wonder what we were thinking at the time!


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