Hello Monday

Hello to coffee with friends this week.
Hello to contacting the Estate Agent we have chosen to sell our house.
Hello to EPCs, floor plans and photographing our house.
Hello to trying to get to the cinema this week.  I fancy Zero Dark Thirty, with Lincoln and Flight next on my list.  And another viewing of Les Mis.

~ Russell Crowe as Javert in Les Mis ~
~ Image from Les Mis Facebook page ~

Hello to keeping the house tidy from now until we sell.
Hello to locating a house or two to view during half-term.  The one we really like has since been let.
Hello to getting organised with food shopping and meal planning.  I’ve let things slide since the New Year.
Hello to the usual comment about going to the gym ~ Zumba, Aqua and swimming.

How is your week looking?

6 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I've tried three times in the holidays to see Les Mis … how was Russell? He's certainly no singer like Hugh – I saw Hugh in Sunset Boulevard many, many years ago – before all the hype, and he was stunningly good.


  2. Keeping the house in a constant state of readiness for viewings is a real pain! I'm sure another house will turn uo….my gran always said 'What's for you won't go by you'!!
    Alison xx


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