Scrapbook Saturday

One way or another, it’s been quite a week.
The Boy Child’s autism has been up front and centre in our family life.  It has not been easy.
The relocation plan is up and running.
Both The Brainy One and I have made numerous trips to a selection of local charity shops with items we no longer need or want.
Both The Brainy One and I have made huge inroads in to de-cluttering our house.  The Brainy One gets a gold star for the new and improved look to his office.

When it all got too much, I retreated in to my office to scrapbook.  Scrapbooking, I have realised, is how I regain my equilibrium.
A couple of Christmas pages; not really a double spread, but side-by-side in the album.

A page about Miami.  I didn’t have any suitable patterned paper in my stash, so I tried out block colours of card instead.  I have also discovered washi tape.

A general page in our album for my God Daughter’s school photo (alongside her brother). I photographed it before I wrote the journaling (on a card inspired by the divine Miss Smith)

And finally, a page for The Boy Child’s album ~ all about Hosanna Rock.

Now for project Life and four weeks worth of journaling to write up … just as well it’s only in note form.

10 thoughts on “Scrapbook Saturday

  1. It's good that you can find a relaxing release in your scrapbooking. I do hope that things settle a bit with your son. Do you follow Robyn's blog? The way she copes with two children within the spectrum is inspirational. Please, oh please, could I borrow The Brainy One to sort out the debris that my son left behind in his bedroom?!


  2. I'm sorry to hear about your week and I'm hoping that the next one is a bit more settled. Your pages are wonderful and I do agree about the calming effects of scrapbooking. Definitely.


  3. So sorry to hear about the rough week, I hope this week is better. Scrapbooking is how I recover my equilibrium too, glad you were able to create some pages. That journaling card fits in so nicely and ooooh washi tape. Paperchase have some – I like their Tottenham Court Rd store 🙂


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