Hello Monday

Hello to snow on the ground, but none falling (at the moment).
Hello to photographing the snow.

Hello to wearing tights under trousers, thermal vest and thermal socks.  Such style.
Hello to school putting the help The Boy Child needs in place.  Even though they still haven’t received confirmation of the funding.  I love the staff at school.
Hello to another phone call to the Statementing Office to find out why the funding hasn’t been released.
Hello to a coffee morning at school and the opportunity to meet with a representative from Random House Children’s Books division.
Hello to tidying away last week’s Book Fair at school and tallying up the total raised.

Hello to The Boy Child attending his second session of Beavers.  He was able to start unexpectedly last week.  The jury’s out on whether it’s for him or not.
Hello to making time for scrapping this week.  I have ambitions for five layouts in five days.

How’s your week looking?

14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Lovely snowy pic. You're lucky your school is being so helpful. You have to fight every step of the way. Hope The Boy decides he likes Beavers – such great opportunities Have a good week


  2. I used to love helping with the Book Fair!

    I hope he decides to keep going with Beavers too. TTO didn't like everything they did, but it was a great way to get him to try new things. Great news about the help at school 🙂


  3. My son was too old for Beavers by the time his name came to the top of the waiting list but he did go to cubs for a while. His favourite thing? Learning how to make fire!
    Pleased to hear you are gradually getting the support in place for your son.
    My week's looking pretty cold and snowy!


  4. Lovely snow photo 🙂 I hope they have the funding in place very soon for TBC. I am assuming Beavers are the equivalent to our Tigers..the first step in Boy Scouts?


  5. Great snow pic and I have to say I'm all for being warm in this weather.
    As for Beavers I found it was very much down to the individual – in my case my son didn't enjoy it, but both my girls enjoyed Brownies. Time will tell if it's right for TBC or not.


  6. Now that's a snow picture I can relate to! So glad to read of the help which is available now, and it must give you confidence for the future. When do you move?


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