One Little Word | 2013

This is our third year in a row where we have chosen a word.
In 2011: better
In 2012: enjoy
This year, the word pretty much chose itself.  And as soon as I realised what our word would be, it was obviously the right word.
In 2013: change
I’m planning on continuing with the OLW monthly blog hop posts, which this year will be hosted by Lee of  The Linar Studio blog fame.  Check back on 1 February for a glimpse of how we’re getting on with change.

12 thoughts on “One Little Word | 2013

  1. Change is a good word for you all this year. I haven't paid to join but thought I'd join in every now and again. It'll be interesting so see how we get on!!!


  2. Given the changes you are making this year, it is the perfect choice for you. It will be exciting to read each month how those changes are being nurtured and developed.
    I love your blackboard by the way.


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