Simply a Moment

I’m folding the second batch of laundry ~ socks, pants and The Boy Child-size clothes ~ having just finished writing thank-you notes on The Boy Child’s behalf.  The light on the washing machine is flashing, telling me that today’s third load is waiting to be hung up or put in the tumble dryer.

J, the decorator, is folding up dust-sheets in the hall and vacuuming the stairs.  The Steve Wright show has just begun on Radio 2 and the first song up, playing a tad too loudly (an indicator that The Brainy One has recently been in the kitchen), is I Knew You Were Waiting by Aretha Franklin and George Michael.  A song that conquers up memories of the Falkland Islands in 1987.  The pooch is curled up in his bed behind me, none too pleased that his run of the house has been curbed by house-selling preparations.  My boots and red leather handbag are, for some reason, on the floor next to him.
It’s 2.05pm.

Alexa, of Trimming the Sails, invites people to share a moment with her around this date of each month. Nothing fancy, just a few well chosen words, or a photo, or a scrapbook page.
What’s your moment?

6 thoughts on “Simply a Moment

  1. ..and when Steve plays stuff from the 80's I always tell the kids about how I used to come home from school and listen to him. We know! they shout. we know! But I do love that sense of continuity


  2. I love reading these Simple Moments. You have captured so well the activity and warmth of domesticity in your household; I felt I was there.
    Good luck with the house sale.


  3. So vividly captured, in all its different parts – what is seen, heard, remembered … I do hope the sale goes well (am guessing that's what the painting is about?), and that the ironing basket is not too full! You have reminded me of listening to Steve Wright in the Afternoon on the way back from school with my then teenage son – happy days! Thank-you so much for being part of these moments …


  4. It's funny how a glimpse into someone else's life can so quickly create homely, warm and cosy feelings. I hope the dog had been very respectful with your boots + bag! 🙂


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