Move More, Eat Well: November and December

It has to be said that finding the energy to exercise these last two months has been fairly difficult.  There’s been just too much other stuff going on.
Let’s see how I got on, shall we?

November.  The worst month of the year.
It get light late and it gets dark early.
It always feels damp.
It’s hard to be motivated.
I walked the pooch a total of twenty times.
I turned up for Zumba at the church hall and the instructor didn’t.
I made it to Zumba at the gym just once.
I went to Aquarobics twice.
I took The Boy Child to Family Swim just once.
November was not a good month for gym membership.
For my American friends, this month is all about gratitude and I want to focus on that as well.  Gratitude shouldn’t be kept just for November, it deserves my attention every day. Every.  Single.  Day.
I’m never going to be a supermodel but I deserve as much health as I can welcome in to my life.
Now that doesn’t mean it’s going to come easily.
No, sometimes I’ll have to fight for it, but make no mistake: it is something I deserve.
Being grateful reminds me to welcome hope as well.
Hope for better health.
Hope for knowledge.
Hope that I can be really brave and face my worries head on.
This month, I’m saying thank you to my life.

December.  The month of wonder and mince pies.
I walked the pooch a total of four times.
I went to Zumba at the gym twice.
I went to Aquarobics twice.
I went swimming six times, including two visits to Family Swim with The Boy Child.
I found that my days were too full this month.  Christmas shopping, events at school, outings with The Boy Child, gatherings at home, visiting friends we haven’t seen in months.
That list sounds like a list of excuses, doesn’t it?  But that was my reality.
I look back to January and see how far I’ve come.
Who knew then that I would be joining the gym in April and still going regularly in December?
Who knew then that I would actually swim on a regular basis, even if I still don’t have any style or finesse?
Who knew that I would enjoy it all so much?  Actually, to be honest, I did know this from previous experience.  But it was still good to rediscover.
So I think, all in all, that it’s okay to give myself a pat on the back.
I did good.
With 2013 just around the corner, I know that I will continue with the good practices learnt this year.  An added bonus will be The Brainy One joining me to Move More and Eat Well next year (and in the years to come).
There will be ups and there will be downs.
But no matter, failure is only another word for ‘get up and start over’.
Twenty thirteen, I’m ready.

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