30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page-Fridays

American blogger and scrapbooker Cathy Zielske began a month long project to record all the things she is thankful for on a daily basis.  You can see the beginning of her album here.  She designed her pages in 6×6 and made them available to purchase for a few pounds.
You can see my first batch of pages herehere and here.

Day 23: thankful for the technology that is the text message.  It meant that I didn’t spent 20 minutes standing outside a church hall on a cold, dark and windy night.  Day 24: thankful for the friendships that The Boy Child continues to make at school. 
Day 25: thankful that The Boy Child enjoys his swimming lessons.  Even if he hasn’t actually mastered the art of swimming yet.  Day 26: thankful for the written word.  Deb, I’m talking about you.

Day 27: thankful that we don’t live in an area where flooding has occurred.  Day 28: thankful that we are in a position to be able to help others.  Times are hard for many and it’s good to be able to help in a small way.

Day 29: thankful for the opportunity and the ability to slope off for a picnic at the pictures.  Day 30: thankful that we live in a London suburb where there is plenty of green space.   
There you have it.  A whole month of counting my blessings and recording them.  My life isn’t one full of glamour and excitement.  It’s ordinary and everyday, yet I still found something or someone to be thankful for each and every day.
And that in itself is something to be thankful for, wouldn’t you say?

7 thoughts on “30 Days of Thankful: Share-a-Page-Fridays

  1. Really enjoyed your gratitude posts. Definitely want to try this idea next year. I often overlook the good things in our lives so it would be good to take time to be grateful.


  2. Aw, I made the book! :o) How very grateful I am to have found such a sweet friend in such an unlikely way! Who would have ever thought that we would share such a history merely through our blogs?!?! I love the way this universe works!

    Your gratitude journal is so lovely, Ruth. And I am ALWAYS impressed with your dedication to projects such as this. Well done, my friend! Well done.


  3. Some of your entries remind me of mine and I had the exact same thought, our life is by no means glamorous or exotic – but it is our life and it is a good one!


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