Hello Monday

Hello to sloping off with The Brainy One to see Skyfall.  I have a thing for Daniel Craig … sigh.  Hooray for cinemas that have a viewing at 10 in the morning.
Hello to checking out the new mini iPad at the Apple store.
Hello to school photographs being redone and still available by the end of term.  The batch taken in mid-September was deemed rubbish by The Boy Child’s school.
Hello to giving my 23rd pint of blood.

Hello to Parents’ Evening at school.
Hello to finalising The Boy Child’s Statement of Educational Needs.
Hello to helping at second-hand uniform sale and PTA coffee morning.
Hello to finishing putting the newly decorated lounge back together.
Hello to the getting back to the gym.  I’ve missed two weeks.
Hello to seeing more of Oxfam.  I have five bags of books and one of bric-a-brac to donate. Project De-clutter is under way.

6 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. You have a good week ahead! I am impressed with your blood donating – TE is a regular donor as well …. I am a big sook and shudder at the thought!


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