Photo a Day: 9th October

What are you reading this month?
The Night Circus has pretty much been abandoned; I haven’t picked it up for almost a month.  I’ve read about two thirds.
Happier at Home is written by the woman who wrote The Happiness Project, which I haven’t read but was extremely popular a year or so ago. It’s definitely the sort of book I think I could have written myself.  Happier at Home turned out to be a surprising good read, even if most of it is common sense.  What I most enjoyed was how she applied her ideas and theories to her own life.
World Without End is sort of a sequel to Pillars of the Earth, in that the story is set around the cathedral of Kingsbridge but it is two hundred years later. I’m about 100 pages in and can’t put in down.  I’m reading far too late in to the night.  I understand that it has been dramatised, so I’ll be looking out for it in the Autumn schedules.

10 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 9th October

  1. I was busy reading histories this summer, and one of the most fascinating books I read was on the Roosevelts. I actually read three on them, but my favorite was MORNINGS ON HORSEBACK. I feel certain you are familiar with GONE WITH THE WIND. Well, I am convinced that Margaret Mitchell took part of Teddy Roosevelt's mother's life and modeled Scarlet O'Hara after her. There are too many similiarties. Mrs. Roosevelt was from Georgia, and the parallels were too uncanny. And while Scarlet might not have gone through the same thing Mrs. Roosevelt did and vice versa, the early “belle” stuff is very similar: family from Savannah, a house outside Atlanta that looks amazingly like Tara, a big “vulgar” mansion (Mrs. R's was in NYC) built after her mother died, someone who was a blockade runner (Mrs. R's brothers both did this for the South and ended up living in England because they were forbidden to come back by the US Govt or be fined a fortune for how much they personally cost the US during the War), a wedding at home and a receving in the dining room (Scarlet's first wedding followed suit), etc. Oh, and Mr. R carried Mrs. R up the staircase just like Rhett did!

    The most convincing piece of evidence to me is that Mittie Roosevel's best friend was interviewed by Margaret Mitchell when the latter was a reporter during the time she was writing GWTW.

    In addition to that tidbit, the book was a fascinating look at life in NYC at the turn of the 20th century. The Roosevelts moved in the circles described in Edith Wharton's THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (loved Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie!), and it was all so interesting to read. I also enjoyed seeing what made one of America's most popular presidents tick. I loved seeing how Mittie and Mr. Roosevelt shaped young Theodore's life.

    There's lots more, but I'll stop for now. Oh, and all the Roosevelt boys fought in WWI, most (if not all) were wounded, and Quinton was killed in a plane crash when he went out on a bombing mission.




  2. I've noticed a very bad habit where I read myself silly in the holidays and term breaks and then seem to starve myself during the term. I read 7 books in the holidays, most were historical fiction, a genre I really enjoy.


  3. I hate to admit I haven't got anything on the go at the moment. I liked the sound of The Happiness Project and Happier at Home when I read a review in a magazine but haven't got round to ordering them yet. x


  4. I read The Happiness Project – and I thought it was all common sense too. To be honest, I didn't think there was a whole book in it..interesting but one of those one time only reads. Actually, I can send it to you if you like?


  5. I don't seem to be reading anything other than the newspaper right now. I think I have started about 5 books and that is so unlike me. I read a book at a time and usually have it done in less than a week.


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