Hello Monday

Hello to October.  October?

Hello to getting back in to our routine.
Hello to Zumba and swimming.
Hello to three nights away for The Brainy One.
Hello to the house alarm service; a tedious but necessary chore.
Hello to Harvest Festival at school and sending in a shoebox of tinned groceries.
Hello to revamping my Autumn wardrobe.
Hello to resisting wearing socks or tights.  If I do, then that’s it until Spring.
Hello to scrapbooking. I’ve missed you.  With The Brainy One away, I can scrap to my heart’s content after The Boy Child has gone to bed.

7 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I so understand about the socks and tights – I like to be barefoot (inside footwear if needed!) for as long as possible. I'm trying to hold out till the first frost up here. Hoping your really enjoy all that scrapping time!


  2. loving the moody autumnal photo I love getting back into a routine! Engoy! PS have u seen Lizzie's blog about a weekend away for bloggers? (well actually crafters!) Just wanted to make sure you hadn't missed it as would be lovely to meet you and there will be some familiar face there I am sure!


  3. What a beautiful photo!

    I have my boots and my boot socks on today. But then we are all battling chets infectuons, so we're probably feeling the chill in the air!


  4. My heating has been on for a couple of weeks now! On a low thermostat but just enough to take that early morning chill off.
    Lovely photo of the autumnal sunshine. We have autumnal rain here today!


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