Photo a Day: 25th August

Hanging up the kitchen blind for Granny.
Involving a ladder.
Involving The Boy Child.
Help or hindrance.

7 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 25th August

  1. Oh, I know all about this sort of 'help'! We now have two who could qualify for the trapeze troupe at the circus I am sure, but, we have found, if you take a bit of time, initially, they only genuinely want to help and be involved and end up being quite useful …. until they complain of being hungry!


  2. Oh definitely a help. Think of the self control when a really good swear would have sorted the blind but you had to settle for a few “bothers” and a couple of “darn its”.
    Actually I find the word Expletive can be said with the right intonation and sounds like a really good swear word, but I digress


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