Move More, Eat Well: July

July was the first month that saw more swimming than Zumba.
I went swimming twelve {12} times.
I went to Zumba three {3} times.
I walked the dog/s thirteen {13} times.
On Monday, 9 July I managed 14 lengths for the first time in the pool.  I still stop between lengths, but for not as long, and my swimming style still doesn’t bear close inspection.  The main thing is that I am doing it.
It was also the day The Boy Child went to the crèche for the first time.  We have named it Holiday Gym Club.
On Friday, 20 July I was able to manage 16 lengths for the first time in the pool.  I’m pretty proud of myself!  The 16 lengths take me around 30 minutes to complete so I’m thinking I should aim for 20 lengths in the same amount of time and then stick with that amount until I can manage to speed up a little.  I’m frequently overtaken by ladies of more mature years; good thing I’m not vain!
I missed a week of going to the gym because of our visit to mum’s.  I did actually take my Zumba kit with me, but didn’t follow through on getting to a local class or two.
Will do better next time!
My exercise that week was dog walking two pooches twice a day and in all weathers, so no need to berate myself for not getting to Zumba. 
Probably too much chocolate consumed overall during the month, but my weight is remaining fairly constant. 
And, bottom line, it’s never been about my weight. 
Three things in my life that I love right now:
1) Cheering Team GB’s medals
2) Being openly patriotic 
3) Actually touching Olympic tickets
How was your month for moving more and eating well?

3 thoughts on “Move More, Eat Well: July

  1. Well done! My mind has been moving lots, thinking about what I should be doing to be more healthy and fit. Uncomfortably that's as far as it got! Note to self: Must do better!!


  2. Great success in July! It doesn't matter than others pass you, it matters that you swim :)The Beast's accident has totally thrown out my exercise and meal planning, hopefully I will remedy that soon!


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