Photo a Day: 31st July

We are at the final stages of applying for a Statement of Educational Needs for The Boy Child and this morning he and I went off to make sure we had copies of everything we might possibly need.  We’re working on the theory that the SEN panel can’t have too much information, although we have been warned that The Boy Child will most likely be turned down because he isn’t autistic enough…

7 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 31st July

  1. Crazy, isn't it? We know this feeling extremely well – there's difficulties, but the difficulties aren't difficult enough. I feel for you Ruth, definitely go for every piece of information you can provide.


  2. Yes, add in every little thing you can think of Ruth – the process sounds just as challenging there as it is here. Alison is so right, do not give up on what you think he needs to reach his potential.


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