10 Things

As we are on day 2 of the summer holidays, I thought 10 Things on the 10th would be an ideal place to list the places I plan for us to visit this summer.
1) Natural History Museum ~ always a winner with small children

2) British Museum ~ never too early to introduce history and culture

3) Kew Gardens ~ brilliant for children

4) Historic Roman city near where I grew up ~ full of history and beautiful to look at

5) The Zoo ~ always a great day out

6) Our Chelsea Pensioner friend ~ always a pleasure

7) London Transport Museum ~ because The Boy Child loves all things London Transport

8) Picnics in the park ~ because days out don’t have to involve spending money.  The simple things are just as good
9) City of London ~ where old meets new and The Brainy One makes the perfect Tour Guide

10) Tower Bridge from the River Thames ~ perfect for viewing the Olympic Rings and this new building

What are your plans for this summer, British weather notwithstanding?  I’ve taken a page from Ali‘s book and am creating a Summer Manifesto as we go along.
For more 10 Things on the 10th, hop on over top Shimelle‘s blog, where you’ll find lots going on as the day progresses.

14 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. I almost did the same type of post for my 10 on the 10th this month but chose to share my favorites sneaks from CHA Summer. Your list is great, enjoy each and every one of those visits 🙂


  2. looks amazing. I am very jealous that you live in the city and have all this on your doorstep! I am planning on doing a bit of retail therapy, going camping and going to America on our family holiday.


  3. Sounds like a fun summer..and much of it can be done even on a rainy day! My summer will continue to be full on entertaining and encouraging Kirsty in job hunting!
    Alison xx


  4. Ooh, it all looks fantastic. My daughter keeps asking to go back to the natural history museum (which she calls the Dinosaur museum) since we took her lasy year. Our big trip this year is to Disneyland Paris, I can't wait! x


  5. That looks a great list, Ruth.
    Me? I'm off with my daughter and granddaughters camping and we have a Shakespeare play planned in the forest. It will be a torchlight walk back to our camper followed by hot chocolate and bed. Can't wait!


  6. What a super fun post! I wish I were spending the summer out your way! We don't have plans to see many places this summer, but we are looking forward to seeing people.


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