Summer Manifesto 2012

I feel slightly ridiculous typing Summer Manifesto when you consider just how much rain is forecast over the next few days.  However, tomorrow is the last day of school for The Boy Child and he then has 8 weeks of holidays to fill.

I’m planning on the same sort of list as last year: museums, Thames river cruise, visiting Granny, family coming to stay, Lego Land, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and Brave at the cinema …

First up is The Boy Child’s Non-Birthday party this coming Saturday.
I’ve been putting party bags together.  A win of a huge jar of chocolates at the Summer Fayre has come in very handy.

Contents of said party bags ~ whoopee cushions, balloons, chocolate, bubbles, Iced Gems and a winner’s medal.

7 thoughts on “Summer Manifesto 2012

  1. A very-merry-non-birthday to him, to him…

    I didn't realize when I sent a little happy mail at the beginning of this week that The Boy Child would be celebrating his non-birthday! I doubt that his package will be there in time, so you can tell him next week when it arrives that I'm wishing him a happy non-birthday. :o)


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