Month in Numbers ~ June

Month in Numbers is the brain child of Julie and you’ll always find a warm welcome over at her place.  Not to mention entertaining posts about a varied list of topics.  Go on over, stop by and say hello, then come back here.

5: the number of times I went in the pool at the gym ~ twice by myself and three times with The Boy Child.
2: the number of medals The Boy Child won at Sports Day ~ a win in the Egg & Spoon race and a win in the team games.
20: the number of party invitations sent out on The Boy Child’s behalf.  His Non-Birthday party is next Saturday.
119.15: the amount spent in pounds Sterling over three visits to Pizza Express. 
337: the number of photos I took this month.  This doesn’t include those images deleted straight from the camera.
7: the number of times I drove the car ~ the second highest monthly total this year … so far.
11: the number of times I went to the gym ~ making each visit cost £5.45, approximately.  I’m on my way to making my membership value for money.

9 thoughts on “Month in Numbers ~ June

  1. Enjoy checking your numbers and am impressed that they are already on a page!… I manage to play along each month but never manage to make a page with them!


  2. I always like it when collecting my numbers reveals a pattern / trend or when it makes it easy for me to compare months across the last few years – so it's great to see it's doing something similar for you too!

    I hope you didn't get too wet with all that walking in the wettest June on record!

    Thank you for your lovely inroduction and for joining in once again with a great page. I've pinned your post with the others now:

    Happy July!

    Julie x


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