Photo a Day: 18th June

I picked up Mr Churchill’s Secretary last month in Barnes & Noble in New York and read most of it on the flight home.  I enjoyed it, although there were a few basic errors such as describing climbing the stairs to the door of 10, Downing Street ~ there aren’t any.  Because it’s an American edition, the language is slightly off from a UK perspective.  The author has characters saying things that the British just wouldn’t say, especially during the war years.  Other than that, it was an likeable, light read and I will probably read the next one in the series when it comes out.
The Memoir Project was recommended by Sian and Twyla Tharp has been plugged on several blogs I read.  I’m open to reading both of them.
Bring Up the Bodies is the follow up to Wolf Hall and I can’t put it down.  (I seem to remember that with Wolf Hall as well.)  I’m about 3/4 of the way through and am reading far too late at night.
What  are you reading?

4 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 18th June

  1. I am saving Hilary Mantel for my holidays. It's sitting beside the bed taunting me. I'm very very glad you bought The Memoir Project – I've been wrestling with my conscience over sending you my copy 🙂


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