Shimelle’s Starting Point Challenge

I haven’t done a Shimelle challenge for a number of months; I haven’t done any scrapbooking proper since my FiL died.
These photos are just your ordinary run of the mill type, but I wanted them to have a place in our 2012 album.
The Boy Child made a friend during our many visits to the park.
He doesn’t live near us, he doesn’t go to the same school, he and his mum are often leaving as we arrive.
But, no matter, because he is The Boy Child’s friend.
He doesn’t see that The Boy Child is different.
He sees his friend.
And for that, I’ll be forever grateful.

10 thoughts on “Shimelle’s Starting Point Challenge

  1. Lovely layout,I've not done a Shimelle challenge for some while either- so I put that right this week.Looks like the two little friends have great fun with the cricket x


  2. Not seeing the differences is indeed a wonderful gift. We have been blessed with some older now friends who now do see the differences, accept them and make allowances – such a wonderful gift too.


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