31 Things: Day 28

Day 28 of Ali’s latest class at BPC ~ 31 Things.  Ali describes the class thus: 31 Things is about capturing life right now but will be much more in-depth on a single daily subject than the documentation you might be used to with projects like Week in the Life or Project Life. This workshop is an opportunity to get specific pieces of your story told with the simple goal of telling more.      
Day 28 | Drink:
Morning: tea
Day: tea, water, coffee
Evening: orange juice, tea, Pimm’s, Champagne, pear cider.
These days I am a tea drinker ~ decaffeinated tea, white, no sugar, not too strong.  That wasn’t always the case.  I used to be a coffee drinker, from my early teens through to my early 30s.  For some reason, I went off coffee and have never really gone back to it.  Today though, when visiting a coffee shop, I drink a decaff, skinny, gingerbread latte.
I’m no longer a big drinker of alcohol.  In my early 20s, when stationed with the RAF in Germany, where booze was cheap and spirits automatically served as doubles, I drank regularly.
I drank a lot regularly.
Double Asbach and Cokes. Halves of Warsteiner beer, known as Wobbly because of the effect it had on your legs if you drank too much of it.
One too many hideous hangovers after a few lost hours made me see sense and I cut back drastically.
These days, I hardly drink alcohol at all.  Champagne on special occasions (this is my all time favourite tipple), Pimm’s and pear cider in the summer months.  I can go weeks without drinking alcohol.
I don’t drink carbonated drinks as a general rule.  I don’t like how they make my teeth feel as though they are covered in sugar and they tend to give me terrible trapped wind.  I drink a glass of orange juice with my supper every day.  I drink water during and after my Zumba classes.  I drink filtered tap water at home, when I remember to.
The Brainy One drinks tea, coffee, apple juice, Ribena, red wine and Pimm’s.
The Boy Child drinks milk, tea, The Brainy One’s coffee, apple juice, fruit smoothies and water.  He’s never had a fizzy drink. 

3 thoughts on “31 Things: Day 28

  1. Not done this prompt yet (currently about to start 24) but I'm also loving reading other people's. Not had time to go into the BPC galleries but hope to at least put something up there or on the blog. Fascinating – hope you have enjoyed the process.


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