31 Things: Day 12

Day 12 of Ali’s latest class at BPC ~ 31 Things.  Ali describes the class thus: 31 Things is about capturing life right now but will be much more in-depth on a single daily subject than the documentation you might be used to with projects like Week in the Life or Project Life. This workshop is an opportunity to get specific pieces of your story told with the simple goal of telling more.   
Day 12| Watch:
I watch the world through my camera lens.  I carry my camera everywhere and am always looking for the Kodak Moment in our day-to-day lives.
I watch people.  When I am out and about, I people watch ~ what they are doing, what they are wearing, what they are saying.  I try to be observant, to smile and say hello.  London can be a very un-smiley city.
I watch The Boy Child go about his daily life.  I watch for signs of hand flapping, for jumping up and down, for the keening sounds he can make. None of these actions appear to bother him, but I am watchful for the reactions of others.
I watch the staff at The Boy Child’s school.  I wait, on edge, to see if they are going to report negative or difficult behaviour.  
I watch other parents at drop off and pick up times, waiting to see if they will accost me about The Boy Child’s interaction with their child.
I watch very little television.  I try to watch the early evening news on a regular basis and I like to watch decent drama.  I am currently watching Lewis, The Killing, and The Good Wife.   
I watch box-sets of favourite programs ~ ER, West Wing and The Sopranos.

3 thoughts on “31 Things: Day 12

  1. I'm loving what you're writing Ruth…and thinking that this class might have come at a good time for you, encouraging you to write down things about these early days of TBC's diagnosis which you may otherwise have internalised.
    Alison xx


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