Photo a Day: 24th May

For the last few weeks, on and off, we have been plagued by unwanted visitors in our kitchen ~ flying ants.  No matter what we did, come the next morning, they were back again.  And with a 5-year-old and a pooch in the house, there is only so much spraying of Raid that you can do.
Time to call in the big guns.
Mr Rentokil said cheerily on arrival: “Flying ants?  Really?  It’s the wrong season for flying ants”.
Pity no one told them that.
Funny how they find the most inaccessible places to set up home.

Thirty minutes and £89 later we are good to go.
One funny thing from this ~ “Mummy, there’s another fly!  Quick!  Spray it with electricity!”

6 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 24th May

  1. Earthbound ants are bad enough but flying ones in your house must be awful! There always seems to be one day of the year when the air is full of them and that is the day I keep all doors and windows firmly closed. Pleased to hear the experts managed to do the necessary!


  2. The flying ants over here are quite different to the ones we used to have in South Africa (which were much bigger and used to drop their wings and leave an awful mess). I'm not a fan of either variety so I'm glad you've got your problem sorted. xx


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