Week in the Life: The Stats

Another Week in the Life completed.
Here’s the low down on my week:
Monday ~ 59 photos taken,
Tuesday ~ 50 photos taken
Wednesday ~ 40 photos taken
Thursday ~ 45 photos taken
Friday ~ 49 photos taken
Saturday ~ 72 photos taken
Sunday ~ 34 photos taken
Not much by today’s digital standards, but way more than I would have taken in the days of wet film.

I prefer to iron often as opposed to one marathon session.
The Boy Child is an extremely early riser and am wondering if this is linked in any way to his autism.
The Boy Child wants the company of The Brainy One first thing in the mornings.
The Brainy One is often able to sneak back to bed later, a perk of being his own boss.
I made good use of the camera’s self-timer.
I recorded what we ate and what we watched, something I hope future generations will be interested in.
I typed the bulk of the journaling each day, but hand wrote captions on photos.

On the whole, I enjoyed the project and it’s key to success for me was to keep things simple.


3 thoughts on “Week in the Life: The Stats

  1. TTO used to be a very early riser – I think we were among the first people in the country to hear about the death of the Princess of Wales, we were up that early! and I had just found out I was expecting TSO too – makes me qeasy just thinking about it..anyway, what I'm trying to say is, he might grow out of it a bit.


  2. Early rising is difficult to deal with, we have a sleepwalker here – that is also difficult! He may grow out of it.

    I think you have a great number of photos, you certainly captured some good ones!


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