Week in the Life: Saturday

 ~ Good morning ~
~ The Boy Child’s musical taste ~
 ~ the boys leave for swimming ~
 ~ chores ~
 ~ dog walking in the rain ~
 ~ learning through play ~
 ~ fed up of the rain ~
 ~ Thomas time ~
 ~ party fun ~
 ~ party food {wouldn’t be my choice} ~
 ~ pizzas for supper ~
 ~ yep, still raining ~
 ~ bedtime story ~
~ my heart ~

~ ER, series 2: The Brainy One at the pub with friends ~

~ Goodnight ~
~ the story of Saturday ~

10 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Saturday

  1. I haven't been on my computer for some time so have been catching up with your posts (haven't left comments on all I'm afraid ;o) ). I love the way you've documented your Week in the Life photos and well done for keeping up. xx


  2. I have really enjoyed these glimpses into your life and especially like that train set. My own little one would have been in seventh heaven!


  3. hi Ruth! I really like how you used the “You Should Know” template for your journaling, it works very will with this project. I've enjoyed looking at your WITL, well done with capturing it 🙂


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