Week in the Life: Friday

 ~ Good morning ~
 ~ browsing ~
 ~ school run: rain stopped ~
 ~ walking the dog ~
 ~ finding comfort ~
 ~ The Brainy One’s coffee ~
 ~ The Brainy One’s office ~
 ~ The Boy Child’s bedroom seen from the landing ~
 ~ the living room ~
 ~ paying the bills on the school run ~
 ~filming ~
 ~ an eye for the ladies ~
 ~ Zumba ~
 ~ shower time ~
 ~ bedtime {a lucky shot} ~
~ Goodnight ~


10 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Friday

  1. Thank you so much for my surprise mail that arrived yesterday! He he, I will enjoy sending that on!
    Great round up of your day, you certainly pack a lot in to a Friday.


  2. Love that photo “an eye for the ladies”. 🙂 And is the possible move outside London one that you might be doing – or the person you went to see? Wasn't sure …


  3. Your sitting room layout is very like the sitting room we had in our previous house. Our current room is half the size – a bit of a shock… our tv cabinet looked “small” in the corner of the previous room – it seemed to take up half of the new room and we had to replace it!

    Love all the photos of your day. Your boy is lovely – he has such a beautiful smile and sparkly eyes. Gorgeous little man – no wonder the little girls like him!
    Love the photo of him peeping out from his bed-clothes!

    The Zumba shot made me smile – photos of feet give so much information!

    Nice to see how your day panned out. Hope you're having a good Saturday.


  4. Alexa's question obviously piqued Amy's interest too..was going to ask the same question! Another great set of pics…especially TBC ones-you know what a soft spot I have for him!
    Alison xx


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