Happy Mail 2012:#7

The mood around here needs lifting.  All this rain is way too depressing.
Five parcels of Happy Mail have been deposited with the Post Office this morning. 

Two to the United States.
One to Canada.
Two here at home.
If you’d like an chance to be a recipient of the next round of Happy Mail, just send an email with your address to: roo1968ATyahooDOTcoDOTuk with Happy Mail 2012 in the title.  It would be nice if you left a comment here as well.
There is no catch.
You don’t have to do anything in return.
Stalking the Postie, one of my favourite past times! 

5 thoughts on “Happy Mail 2012:#7

  1. Meant to say would love to know where you get the postcards with the drawings on! Have never seen anything like it in Manchester always the photo versions!


  2. Thank you so much, Ruth, for the package that showed up in my mail the other day. I had a pretty big speed bump in life's highway this past month (breast cancer diagnosis with subsequent surgery) and had forgotten all about submitting my name. It really brightened my day. I will most definitely put my note cards to good use.

    THANK YOU again for blessing me through my mail box. 🙂


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