Week in the Life: Monday

It’s that time of year where your camera appears to be permanently stuck to your face and you record every single aspect of your day.  Whether it be of interest is another matter entirely.

Front cover with Monday behind
 Reverse of front cover {idea borrowed from Robyn, thanks}
 Monday’s journaling, complete with 2 typos
Reverse of journaling and photo montage
 Second montage of photos
I was in two minds about completing Week in the Life this year, but in the end I decided to go with it and keep it simple.
What about you?  Are you documenting your week?

5 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Monday

  1. Gosh, I always thought he looked like you, but those pics make me realise how much like his Dad he is too!

    No, I'm not doing it. I find it all a bit intense. But I do love a look at what everyone else gets up to


  2. I love WITL and I am so looking forward to doing this later in the year! I can handle one week of intensity!

    I also really like how you have journaled, I did something similar last year and, over the week, it ended up being a pretty comprehensive account of what we had done.

    Keep going – you will love it when you have finished!


  3. His father's eyes and his mother's lovely smile. I don't have the discipline to do a week in my life. I do, however, love looking at other people's lives.
    Oh, and what a wondeful thing to hand down to your son when he is all grown up with a family of his own.


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