Photo a Day: 16th March

A highlight in my day is the opportunity to have lunch with The Brainy One.  One of the advantages of having a husband who works from home a lot.  We decided against going out, in favour of lunch at the kitchen table:
Ham rolls for me,
Corned beef with Branston pickle for TBO,
Crisps (potato chips),
Satsumas (like a tangerine),
Red wine for TBO,
Pear cider for me,
Pot of tea for two.

It’s those simple pleasures that bring us so much joy.

8 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 16th March

  1. I'm with you on the pleasure it is to have lunch with your husband – The Doctor has been working home a lot lately and it's so lovely to eat with him 🙂 (Lunch sounds delicious, too!)


  2. I agree with you. Hubby works from home (when he is not in a plane, lol) and having lunch together or a cup of coffee are moments I do cherish !


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