Happy Mail 2012: #5

The mood around here needs lifting.
Two parcels of Happy Mail will be deposited with the Post Office tomorrow morning. One recipient will be receiving her second parcel ~ that’s how it goes when randomness is involved.

If you’d like an chance to be a recipient of the next round of Happy Mail, just send an email with your address to: roo1968ATyahooDOTcoDOTuk with Happy Mail 2012 in the title.  It would be nice if you left a comment here as well.
There is no catch.
You don’t have to do anything in return.
Stalking the Postie, one of my favourite past times! 

9 thoughts on “Happy Mail 2012: #5

  1. I really enjoy sending people something nice! I did a giveaway of one of my “Spanish Lemons” print edition – it went to Pam Smallcomb in Maryland and it arrived yesterday. I loved reading her blog post, where she mentioned its arrival and how pleased she was!
    And I sent one of the little cards I made in Spain, to a lady whose husband is a guitarist, because she said he'd have liked this card as his Valentine this year (it was a heart-shaped guitar, that I made for James).
    Happy Mail is Fun! I know, because I've been lucky enough to receive some myself (thank you Deb, Megan, Mel, Sue, oh, lots of people actually!) It's great what pleasure can be given, by the sending of a small envelope!

    Have fun with your own Happy-Mailing!


  2. I have a few little packages ready to go tomorrow..in fact today I gave a lady, who is returning to live in the UK, a 'good luck' card only to receive an email later from her to say that I had ACTUALLY given her a card bound for The Netherlands ..OOPS! I shall rectify that situation tomorrow!
    Alison xx


  3. I'm a little behind on my OLW class. Just catching up, saw your post & hopped over. I love reading blogs, like to see how others create their life & artsy projects. SheilaH
    Hkcmom2 (at) yahoo. (dot)com


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