Photo a Day: 7th March

This space is where my craft desk used to be.  When I took over The Brainy One’s office in 2009, I decided on 2 desks.  The Brainy One moved up in to the brand spanking new loft space.  Two and a bit years later and I realised that I’m in need of a much smaller desk and shelving.  The desk is being delivered tomorrow and the shelf units should be here by the weekend.
Isn’t it astonishing just how much cabling is required to run broadband? And if you look closely, you may just see a dead spider hanging to the left of the plug socket. Slovenly housekeeper that I am.

8 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 7th March

  1. You want to talk spiders? You should see the one I found yesterday. Yes, I'm getting back into housework again. Scary what a couple of weeks of slackness can achieve.

    Enjoy your new desk!


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