Month in Numbers ~ February

I took some time away by myself this evening, in an attempt to think of something other than the loss of my lovely, lovely FiL and remembered that Month in Numbers was due at Julie’s place.
Lots of good things did happen in February; one amazing thing happened in February.

4: The number of Happy Mail parcels sent.
6: The number of missing relatives located ~ all thanks to the Internet.
17: The number of times I walked the pooch.
39: The number of blog posts in February {mainly due to Photo a Day}.  This should be 40, if I’m counting this post!
2: The number of snowfalls we had in West London.
7: The number of Zumba classes I attended.
21: The number of pints of blood I have given.
9: The number of times I drove the car.  {A higher number than is usual, because I had the car over half-term}.

How about you?  Do you count through your month?
If you hop over to Julie’s, you’ll be able to see who else is busy counting things.  And I think she also has a link to a Pinterest board.

7 thoughts on “Month in Numbers ~ February

  1. Ruth, I'm so sorry for your loss. What a shock.

    And how strange to find a new part of your family at the same time.

    Warm wishes to you + your family.

    Julie x

    [Thank you for sharing your Month in Numbers at such a difficult time.]


  2. Good to see your numbers Ruth – I sure it will help when you look back at this time to remember the positive. Also love those little mittens – so cute!


  3. Brave girl 🙂 I think it's great to put down a record of the other things which have happened too, so that the month doesn't slip away into something you can't look back on at all. Hope you know what I mean


  4. Hi Ruth ~ So glad to see you fit a bit of scrapping in and took a little break for yourself. It's interesting to see your month in numbers and to know you drove 9 times when it's a daily occurance for us in the US – at least for me in Arizona anyway!

    Take care! xo


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