Photo a Day: 26th February

I’m the first to admit that this is not the most exciting photo of the year so far.  But there is a story behind it.  Long-standing readers will know of our loft conversion in 2008, that our loft is now The Brainy One’s office and that it can also be be called in to action as an extra bedroom, should the need arise.
The picture windows in the gable end are the USP of the whole conversion, with the French windows and Juliet balcony a close second.  Trouble is, for the last 3 years they have hardly been visible due to the amount of junk useful items in boxes stored in front of them.  Last week The Brainy One finally set to and sorted it all out.  Loads of stuff went to the tip, some was free-cycled and the space under the bed in the spare room is no more. No matter, at least the glass gable end and French windows are visible and usable again.
I took this shot using my camera’s night portrait setting and I was pleased with the outcome; in particular, how the street lamp reflects our neighbour’s trees on to the gable end.

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