Photo a Day: 8th February

This house is for sale.
It is on the same road as The Boy Child’s school.
It backs on to the park.
I.  Want.  This.  House.
I can’t afford this house.
Did I mention that it is for sale?

12 thoughts on “Photo a Day: 8th February

  1. Very nice. I share your frustration… there have been a couple of “I Want This House” occasions in my past… It can be hard to give yourself a shake and remember what you have that is good, when a very large Want is there in front of your eyes every day.
    Options: Either you have to start a big campaign to aquire the House… (is it remotely in the realms of possibility?)
    Or, you have to start a big campaign to re-learn your appreciation for what you already have and to remember why it makes you happy.
    Because feeling fed up about not having The House just stinks and it doesn't make you happy at all. In fact, if you let it, it makes you very discontented, grumpy and horrible to live with… which is rather sad.
    Good luck, whichever Campaign you choose!


  2. I do have a wonderful house and am happy with it but I also have such moments all the time. Not so much I really want it badly, but wow this is a perfect house, if I could I would buy it. If that makes any sense at all…


  3. I think I'm going to have to agree to disagree with Lizzie on this one. A bit of house envy sometimes doesn't do any harm at all. Nothing wrong with admiring something lovely – and it is lovely!


  4. Have you been entering the lottery recently – you have to be in it to win it ;o) and then maybe the house could be a possibility lol! Nothing wrong with dreaming and it does sound ideal!


  5. Can't you and TBO swing it? Sigh, it would be so convenient!

    I have a secret confession now, there is a particular website which has high end real estate from around the world that I like to ponder over once in a blue moon … it is a lot of fun!


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