Storytelling Sunday

I didn’t have a story for today until this morning.  And it’s a story that has made me squeal with delight!  As regular readers know, I am keenly interested in genealogy and the history of my family.  My tree is viewable on the Ancestry website.
To cut a years old story very short, I am finally, at long last, in touch with the granddaughter of my Great Uncle.  He went to live in the US in the 1940s and after he and his wife died in 1977, we lost touch with his son.

Yesterday I noticed that someone was looking at the American line of my tree with interest, so I dropped them an email and then waited very impatiently for a reply. Hoping that I would indeed receive a reply.  I was in luck, because there she was, waiting in my InBox at 7am this morning.  I managed to curb my patience until 8am before ringing my mum.  There was much more squealing, which caused The Boy Child to observe that, “Mummy is very excited!
Now, I need to take the space to think through my reply to her.  I don’t want to overwhelm her with information or scare her off.  There’s that saying, good things come to those who wait.  And as I have waited years for this moment, a few more hours won’t hurt.

This story is part of Sian’s Storytelling Sunday series.

36 thoughts on “Storytelling Sunday

  1. YAY! A big smile and clapping of hands for you! This is exciting news Ruth – keep us posted as to where things end up and thanks for sharing it with us today.


  2. How exciting!!! Looking forward to hearing what comes of this connection.
    I've been trying to do some research on my husband's father's side of the family but haven't had much luck so far – I will keep trying.


  3. Oh how FABULOUS!!!!
    I keep meaning to do my own family tree, but with there being only my Mom left to ask, and her information is quite limited it seems rather a daunting/hard task to start


  4. Oh, wow! How exciting is that? I suspect that this is the story that will keep on giving 🙂 and it's a privilege to be able to share your pleasure in your discovery today.

    Thanks Ruth! That's a beautifully elegant photo you have there too


  5. I didn't mind you phoning at 8am – news to squeal for! After all this time ………
    I would have so many questions to ask about Uncle D because as a child I thought he was adventurous and longed to meet him!


  6. oh my goodness! That's wonderful! I remember back in 1999 receiving an email from someone who said. I see you are descended from sarah Green. I have lots of information about her and her ancestors, would you like me to send you the file?”
    I did the happy dance down the hall and told everyone!
    just fantastic


  7. That is great! I too found a distant cousin through Ancestry. We share a great grandfather. My granddad & his brother stopped talking in 1952 when the brother moved to Michigan. He came to my grandfather's funeral in 1988, mentioned he had a son while there. But that was the last contact anyone had with him. The son's daughter found me 3 years ago through Ancestry


  8. That is so awesome! I have been thinking about signing up for that site, and now that I've heard this good review I might have to look into it further. So exciting! And such a great picture! 🙂


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