Just One Sketch: Part Six

Remembering that my sketch looks like this: ..

… I was more than a little perplexed when Kirsty suggested breaking it down to a simpler sketch.  Now, I would class myself as a simple scrapbooker, but even I think that this layout is just that little bit too plain

What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Just One Sketch: Part Six

  1. No, not at all, absolutely not … but you would expect that from me wouldn't you?!
    What I think happens when you take away, is that the story and the photo and the design start to shine, and they are the most imporatant elements afterall.


  2. I like the way the journaling goes round the picture and the contrast paper. It really doesn't look too plain at all.
    Wonder how we will cope if the next prompt is to 'fancy' the sketch up? Gulp!


  3. I'm not a simple scrapper but I do like this – great for when you want the photo to be the focal point. I'm not sure how I will manage when I get to this prompt!


  4. I love that! it is exactly how I like my pages. The story and the picture are the essential things for me, everything else is an extra. So lean, so clean. Love it, love it, love it!


  5. Well, I'm not an especially simple scrapper, so my take on this would be that a sketch is only a jumping off point for basic placement of key elements – you can include other elements as well if you want to. I've got to say though I love the restful-to-the-eye look of this one!


  6. I like this one! I also panicked at the simple prompt. I simplified my design to make it less cluttered but couldn't resist adding a tiny bit of twinkle which i think turned a very plain layout into a simple one that I still liked.


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