Month in Numbers ~ January

Thanks to Sian {for monthly inspiration} and to Julie {who started the whole month in numbers idea}, I’ve dipped my toes in counting numbers for January.

50: the number of minutes it took to open a savings account for The Boy Child. Hello, I’m trying to give you money.
5: the number of times I drove our car in January.  For trips other than the supermarket, I walk everywhere.
15: the number of visits to Costa Coffee {and where I spent a whopping £44.85}.  Some of the trips were with The Boy Child, some were with friends and some were solo visits.  Mostly it was just coffee, but some visits included purchasing a yoghurt or a croissant.
217:  the combined ages of the six people we know who celebrated a birthday in January.
34: the number of thank-you cards I wrote on The Boy Child’s behalf for Christmas and birthday presents.  Will be very glad when he can do this himself.
179: the number of 6×4 photos I had processed for free at the store where my camera came from.  A very welcome voucher.
60: the number of pounds spent topping up Oyster cards {used for cheaper travel on London transport}.

How about you?  Do you count through your month?

15 thoughts on “Month in Numbers ~ January

  1. Gosh – I daren't count the number of journeys I make in my car – that is the difference between living in a rural area and London I suppose. love the number of Costa visits :0)


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your page of numbers … there may be a shameless scraplift coming on :o) Storing away the combined birthdays one for future use too as it's so clever! Can't believe how few car journeys you've had to make, but then I didn't drive in London either – couldn't manage without a car now though … well I could, but … ;o)


  3. You drove only 5 times in the month!!!!!!!!! I do that in one day, every day of the month! I am very jealous but I guess here in Southern California public transportation, or walking are not even an option! Very nice page!


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